Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thing #23...Reflections!!!

1. I really like photostory and Rollyo. I think I can fine tune research with Rollyo and Photostory will make projects more fun!

2. I always feel I need to keep up with technology! I want to give my students as many opportunites to make learning FUN and meaningful. I liked learning at my own pace and having time to explore! I Know I will go back and reflect on my blog!!!

3. Once I started exploring what seemed overwhelming, was actually a piece of CAKE!

4. I liked the format!

5. YES!!!!

6. exciting! It game me lots of confidence.

7. Thank you! Thank you! I really appreciate you letting us HISDERS play!!!

Thing #22 NING

Wow! what a great way for teachers from across the country to work with each other. I think if thing kind of networking site could get as popular as "Facebook" teachers could really help each other out....I want to share this site with my other teacher friends. THis will be great!!!
THanks for sharing!


I like using photo story. I also like using Flip video...lots easier for me!

I really think my fourth graders will enjoy using Photostory! I think it will be great to kids projects!!!
I like this!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Thing #20 You tube!!!

Thing #19 Web 2.0 Awards

I really liked this well organized site. I like the Community of fun to search for issues I am having with my own kids. I really liked the organization of the site. I love Google Maps and Google Earth. Both sites are fun and I use them in my clss all of the time.
I used Craiglist to buy and sell items a lot. Most recently I rented my house from an advertisement on Craiglist. The couple moved from Canada to Houston! They even pay using paypal! I love it!
I really am going to start using Google Docs more! I love it! I think it is very handy for me!

Thing #19 - Google Doc

I love love the idea of having FREE document site to access information. I think it is a great way to share documents, and having access to your documents anywhere without having to carry a flashdrive! YEAH!!!!
This journey is getting better and better!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I totally love Rollyo...I loved to video! It totally helped me understand how to create search! I am excited about using this tool in my classroom!


I agree with Nanette, I want to create a homework WIKI....I would love to be a paperless homework teacher! Okay, well almost! Wikis are a great way to share resources with teammates and friends. I really enjoyed researched WIKIS!

thing #16 WIKI

So, I agree with Nanette, I am going to try paperless homework using a WIKI. I also thing it is a wonderful way to communicate with teammates and friends.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thing #15 - Web 2.0/Library 2.0

We spend more and more time on our computers. We depend on them everyday. WEB 2.0 tools make information interactive. I LOVE that fact that you can connect with people easily and get up to date information. Libraries have become a place to learn, share and interact. This year our "technology" teacher is moving to the library. We will have 2 people to help children. This will be an exciting year. I am looking forward to what unfolds!

Thing #14 - Why is tagging important

I value tagging...I think it's important for organization of information. I didn't like technorati all that much. Maybe because I am investigating alone and not collaborating with people. I tend to learn more when I can stop and discuss what I am looking at. I am slow with technology although I like learning more and more. It seems several others where overwhelmed with the information and websites in Technorati.
I am enjoying learning through this adventure!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Delicious - Thing #13

I really like took me a while, a long while to understand it, but finally....I think it is great to tag website for classroom use! I tagged lots of websites today!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thing #12

I think commenting is important! By commenting you can help the author learn more about their post and you can ask questions (to gain more information). I follow several blogs about gardening and cooking. I ask questions a lot! It has given me a better understanding of the post.

I have left comment on several blogs from our group. I have connected with several people to share more ideas! I think commenting is fantastic for least me, I love to steal ideas and sometimes I need to ask a few questions for make a few comments.

I have left comments on the The Pioneer Women and Learning to Live. It is a wonderful way to connect with authors!

Thing #11 Library Thing...

LibraryThing seems sort of interesting. I can see how some children might find it super fun to search for books this way. I liked creating a list of books I love and I really liked to see what other people had to say. I have always wanted to be in a book club, so this might be a good thing for me!

Thing #10 Online Comic Strips!

Oh how fun these will be! I can really catch the children's attention in the morning with cute comics!! Love it!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blog Search....

I had lots of trouble here. I am still looking. I am going on to the next "thing."

Thing #8 Google Reader...

I think Google Reader is Great. I can use it to
  • follow my team's blogs
  • keep updated on news
  • get ideas from other teachers...
  • help my kids follow our class blog!!!!

Thing #7 Google

I love, love Google Alerts! I set up several...I also like igoogle. I set up my own homepage. Too cool!

So...I played with Google Documents. I really like the form questions...I really see my team using this. I also like the shared photos! The scrapbook form is great.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thing #6 Bookr

I can totally use this for kids to create projects and then post them to our class blog! Love it!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thing #5= FLICKR

I love FLICKR! I think it is a great tool for the classroom and really is a wonderful way to share photos! I love tagging and clever and easy to use! I have used flickr and then big blue labs to create photos for my school blog.

Thing #4

I registered by blog! YEAH! YOu can teach an old dog new tricks!
I went to see the corpse flower! It was too cool.

Thing #3

I made the was hard at first, but them I figured out how to copy the code! I would prefer a real picture...haha!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Thing #2

Today I read the 7 1/2 habits, set up my blog, and created an avatar! It was fun and easy. I really like using Technology to your advantage! But sometimes I it's hard for me to beging with the end in mind. I always work on this!