Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thing #5= FLICKR

I love FLICKR! I think it is a great tool for the classroom and really is a wonderful way to share photos! I love tagging and clever and easy to use! I have used flickr and then big blue labs to create photos for my school blog.


  1. Hi Michele,
    Great looking blog. One tip: if you put the title of the "thing" along with your number in your post title, your readers will be able to relate more quickly to your topic; also, when you go back to review what you learned, you will not have to remember what number each "thing" was.

  2. You are a FLICKR fan! Your students can use FLICKR instead of google images,since FLICKR can have amore restrictive and yet specific search. Why not upload an image you found on FLICKR to yout blog?